COVID-19: Managing Through Uncertain Times

So About that Coronavirus…

Things escalated quickly. Everyone is affected. I’m here in California, where the entire state is under a Stay At Home order. I’m also on a two-week furlough from work, and not sure if I’m going to still have a job at the end of this.

Like all of us, I can go down a spiral and complain about a lot with what’s going on right now. But I want to bring some positivity here.

Here are some managing tips that I’ve learned and have most helped me post car accident during uncertain times, like today.

1. Embrace a New Day

When you wake up, recognize that it’s a new day – a new day for new possibilities, changes, and beginnings. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. When it comes to health and especially with a global pandemic, you have to take it day by day.

Something could happen one day that depended on the previous day, and etc. With health, it’s a slow progression also known as the healing process. Patience is key.

With that said, we’re all in this together as a community and we need to do our part each day.

Make a discovery every day as a new fresh start and another chance; you never know what could happen within 24 hours.

I mean, what if it could actually be really amazing?

COVID-19: Managing Through Uncertain Times

2. Work on a Long Lost Hobby or Begin a New One

After my car accident, I had a lot of time during recovery and in between surgeries. So I began to read more and revisit the pile of books I had collected throughout the years. I remember reading a lot of fiction stories including mysteries. I also began reading a lot of memoirs and life meaning booksFull of Heart by J.R. Martinez, Still LoLo by Lauren Scruggs, Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, The Alchemist, Man’s Search for Meaning.

I also drew interest to baking and cooking pasta. It was still a bit of a struggle with my injured hands of course, but I received special help from my mom.

I never thought I’d take on these activities and really enjoy it. But I learned that lingering time pushes you back to a familiar territory or a brand new one.

So now is the time to be curious (indoor curious) – did you want to learn how to play guitar at one point? How about dancing? Or maybe gardening?

Exploring and learning never ever ends.

3. Talk to Others or No One – Your Choice!

In times of isolation, let us feel blessed to still be in contact with our family and friends via phone, email, text, social media, and technology in general.

When I was on bed rest after each surgery, it got lonely, believe me. I wasn’t able to do a lot nor did I feel like doing anything. But mentally, I could only handle watching TV for so long or reading book after book. I needed human interaction, and I’m glad my mom was there all day. I remember just wanting a simple hug, and she was of course there to give me one anytime.

However, I’d always like my alone time too, where I didn’t need or want to talk to anyone. I’d reflect a lot, or just needed to take a breath.

So remember that you’re not alone at all. You have the ability to talk to others from indoors, thanks to other means. And if you feel like having time to yourself to meditate or just relax, especially with all the chaos that’s going on outdoors, then that’s okay too.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, so put yourself first and take care.

COVID-19: Managing Through Uncertain Times - Living After Surviving

4. Just Be Grateful

What always helped me get through tough thoughts and negative energy or outcomes was thinking of the things I was fortunate to have or be able to do – food, clothes, and shelter were the biggest ones, but also walking, talking, and laughing with the people I loved.

Be grateful for what you currently have – even if it’s just your pet cat. With a serious crisis where lives are on the line and it’s about life and death for all of us, there’s absolutely no time for materialistic objects or eventful outings. Lets not take for granted the simple blessings in our lives.

With this state of mind, we will be eased of the entirety of stress and anxiety, and instead, feel more at peace, grounded, and hopeful.

Final Thought

Help each other by helping yourself first, and this means stay at home please. In addition, don’t freak out with what’s happening – it’s time to count your blessings and stay hopeful more than ever.

xo, CHU

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